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Why Beauty Restored?

The world around us is so full of ugliness– war, famine, disease, violence– it would be so easy to look around and feel nothing but despair. I’ve even had those moments looking at my own life, believing that nothing good could happen. And then I get to see or hear about or read about some moment of beauty and my hope is restored. It is my firm belief that God wants to restore the beauty He originally intended for this world. Even though this plan won’t be fulfilled until He returns and we get a new heaven and earth (Isaiah 65), He gives us these glimpses of restored beauty now so we know our hope is not in vain.

I’ve created this blog as an attempt to draw our attention to these fleeting moments. Sometimes they come in Scripture; sometimes they come in nature; sometimes they come in the people around us. Whatever their form, it’s important for us to see them and understand them for what they are: a reminder that even in the midst of ugliness, God is in the process of restoring beauty.