How to Move Into a New Year

In October I moved from a rented bedroom to a house I share with a friend. The moving process sparked some thoughts on a new perspective for starting a new year. I’m sharing those thoughts at The Glorious Table today:

Sitting cross-legged on the wood floor, I try to shut out the piles of boxes surrounding me and focus on the item in my hand. Just the feel of it is enough to bring a flood of memories: the smell of the campfire, the sounds of my friends’ voices as they chatted, the taste of chocolate cake and vanilla pudding icing. Images of my twenty-fifth birthday party begin to overlay the image of my bedroom in this new house.

A moment I had forgotten springs back to life as I flip through the pages of the scrapbook reading the notes so lovingly written and collected just for me. One page contains notes I added a few years after that party. I smile through tears at the words of thanks from youth group kids after our last trip together. The boxes seem to press in closer, but I decide they can wait until I’ve completed my trip down Memory Lane.

For the last two years, most of my possessions have been in storage while I rented a furnished room. As I write this, I’m still unpacking in the new house I now share with a friend. There’s room to breathe here, and I’ve finally rescued my things from a cramped storage unit. While unpacking always seems to take forever, it’s been a delight to rediscover what I own and the memories that accompany each item.

Join me at The Glorious Table to read the rest…

Photograph © Karolina
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