Holiness Doesn’t Start With Me

Will you indulge me for a moment? I want us to engage our imaginations for a bit.

Let’s try to shut out everything else and focus on the idea of standing in God’s presence. What do you see? I see myself in a throne room like the ones we typically see in animated movies about princes and princesses. The long room is filled with columns, and I stand on a plush red carpet maybe fifty yards from where God sits on a throne. Jesus sits beside him. A beautiful light radiates from them both.

I stand awkwardly, not quite sure how to behave, but Jesus stands and walks toward me. A kind smile parts his lips and fills his eyes. As he draws near, he wraps me in his arms and hugs me close. “I’m so glad you’re here,” he whispers. I melt into his embrace, feeling loved and more sure of myself.

I don’t want to pull away, but eventually Jesus does, turning to lead me toward the throne. Suddenly, I become aware of what I look like. My clothes are disheveled and dirty. My arms are scratched and bleeding. Embarrassment floods my heart and mind and paralyzes me. I can’t get my feet to move, but even if I could, I’m not sure which direction I’d go.

What would you do? Would you stay and let Jesus present you to God in this state? Or would you run from the room hoping to find somewhere to clean yourself up?

Join me at The Glorious Table to read the rest.

About Katie Mumper

She/Her. Storyteller. Finding beauty in the messiness of life. 4w3. Whovian.
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