If You Feel Invisible on Mother’s Day

This is for the women who feel invisible on Mother’s Day.

For the women starting to understand the role of “wife and mother” may never be theirs…

For the women realizing the possibility of conceiving and giving birth might be reaching “only with a miracle” levels…

For the women grieving little lives lost before they began…

For the women learning the pain of mourning at a child’s grave…

For the women drowning in the aftermath of choosing to end a pregnancy…

For all the women who might sit in church on Mother’s Day as the pastor asks the mothers to stand, who might keep their heads bowed to hide the tears, who might wonder what it means to be a woman who isn’t a mother…


Join me at The Glorious Table to read more.

tgt pic 2

About Katie Mumper

She/Her. Storyteller. Finding beauty in the messiness of life. 4w3. Whovian.
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