2014: The Year of Obedience

Photo by Paul Wilkinson (EEPaul) via Creative Commons

Photo by Paul Wilkinson (EEPaul) via Creative Commons

Here we are in a new year! It’s hard to believe that another year has ended and yet another has begun.

2013 was a year of firsts as I settled deeper into life in Atlanta:

  • My first time serving as a DoorHolder at the Passion Conference (highly recommended!)
  • My first client as a Virtual Executive Assistant through eaHELP
  • My first birthday celebration more than 2 hours away from my family
  • My first year of multiple flights as I took various trips to visit family and friends

It was also the first year I really took the time to explore my own personal dreams. I realized that I’ve spent so much of my life waiting on my dream to be a wife and mom to be fulfilled that I’ve forgotten about the other dreams God has placed in my heart. Throughout the course of 2013, He gently reminded me of other talents and passions that He wants to put to good use.

One of those talents is writing. A dear friend once told me that I’m a writer because of the way I look at and process the world around me. At the time, I dismissed it as a kind complement. Since then, however, I have delved deeper into her words and taken them to God for further insight.

The result is this blog.

Or at least this manifestation of this blog.

I have a great passion and desire to see people set free to be who and what God created them to be. And I believe He is asking me to play a role by writing this blog, by sharing stories of hope and building a community of encouragement and honesty.

So I am seeking to be obedient. I don’t know where God will take this, but I’m offering it all to Him. I feel inadequate for the task, but I know He will be strong in my weakness. I may never have more than 20 readers (besides my mom), but I’m trusting Him to speak into their lives through my story. My greatest desire is that He would be glorified through my obedience.

I have two questions for you:

1. Will you join this community? Will you add your voice to the conversation? You can sign up for my email list so you never miss a post (and even get some exclusive content!). Be sure to like the Beauty Restored Facebook page and follow me on Twitter (click the links to the right). And always feel free to comment on the posts. I’ll respond as much as I can. Let’s make this a dialogue!

2. Where is God calling you to be obedient this year? What dreams and passions has He placed in your heart? What is He asking you to do to bring Him glory? Share your areas of obedience in the comments here or on the Facebook page. I’ll be praying for you. Maybe you could pray for me, too?

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2 Responses to 2014: The Year of Obedience

  1. shannonedwards452 says:

    Wonderful post! I look forward to more 😉

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